Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (12/30/04 - 1/2/05)

My niece, Missy and Rob of Chicago joined me in Kuala Kumpur on 12/30 for the much anticipated New Year Eve celebrations in Kuala Lumpur that I experienced 2 years ago [you can check it out on this web site Travel with Charlie (12/19/02 - 1/7/03)]. These celebrations were cancelled because of the Tsunami which occurred on Sunday 12/26 in Sumatra killing over 160.000 people in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Burma, Bangldash, Somalia, Tanzana, Maldives, and Kenya. Many tourists were killed in Phuket, Thailand. Some of the Norwegians that I met in Bangkok on 12/24 were heading to Phuket on 12/25. I prayed that they were spared. I also want to thank all my friends and colleagues for their concerns on my well being knowing that I was travelling in this region of the world.

I left KL on Sunday 1/2 and arrived Sunday 1/2 in LA (I have always gained a day travelling East to West). MAS lost my bag in KL and I did not pickded it up till 1/4! However, I was able to get to work on Monday 1/3 8:30am.

As you see, we were still able to enjoyed ourselves (especially food) with nieces, nephews, amd other relatives living in Kuala Lumpur. Thanks, guys (especially Boo. Long, and Siao Fong)!!

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