Iguazu Water Falls Argentina sub-tropical paradise (07 10 2006)

Misiones ( July 10 -12)
Hotel Esturi�n
Av. Tres Fronteras 630 - Puerto Iguaz�
Tel: ( 54 3757) 42 0100
E-mail: information@hotelesturion.com

The Hotel is located in the heart of Misione�s Jungle and only a minutes from spectacular Iguazu Falls.
Located in the north of Misiones, Puerto Iguaz� is the gateway to visit Iguazu National Park, where you can visit the worl-knowned Iguazu Falls. The nearby city of Puerto Iguazu, at only 15 km, will provide you with all the services to complement this marvelous natural touristic destination.

The city was founded in 1901 and its original name was Puerto Aguirre. In 2001 it celebrated its first 100 years.With only 30.000 inhabitants, Puerto Iguazu will thrill you with its many points of attraction. At the hito Tres Fronteras (Three Frontiers Milestone) you will watch the Iguazu River flow into the Parana River, at exactly the place where the three countries meet: Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.

Recomended Trips
Iguazu National Park
- In our visitor's center, you will find two theme exhibits about Biodiversity in the jungle and Ancent cultural life in the region.

El Tren de la Selva: (JUNGLE TRAIN)
- Bordering the Iguaz� River, the train offers our visitors to move within the park, to our bridges at the heart of the falls.

Higher Circuit:
- Access to the breathtaking panoramic view of the falls and the Iguazu River�s Delta, forming a clster of islands and islets. No stairs.
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes.

Green Path:
- A stroll through the density of the jungle. Native birds, reptiles, butterflies, and a marsh in the middle of the jungle. No stairs.
Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes.

Lower Path:
- A strategically designed net of passageways will give you different views of the Falls.
Warning: stairs.
San Martin�s Island:
- This is the very heart of the Iguazu falls. An unequal view of the 275 cascades that are part of the National Park. Warning: steep stairs.
Duration: 2 hours

During the full-moon nights, you can go through the passageways of the "Garganta del Diablo" (devil's throught) and watch a nature show as unique as it is dazzling: the nitid rainbow that is formed when the moon light meets the refreshening fog of the waterfalls.
Please note: only during full-moon. Make reservations in advanced. To be able to catch this event you have to be following the moon phases and also reserve with enough time with a travel agency.

The Falls of Iguaz�
The Iguaz� Falls on the border with Brazil are one of the world's natural wonders.
Lined with dense forests, the Iguaz� river flows into 275 waterfalls, plunging more than 70 meters with a deafening noise. As this huge volume of water reaches the bottom, spray rises, and lots of rainbows are formed in the sky. An incredible variety of fauna and flora completes the perfect setting for the waterfalls within the protection of the Iguaz� National Park.

This is a region of large rivers, humid tropics, red earth, magnificent forest, a virgin forest full of huge trees and extraordinary flora and fauna. Great Waters – “Iguaz�” in the Guaran� language – overflowing into one of the world’s wonders: the Iguaz� Falls.

A scenery of exuberant beauty spreading along the Iguaz� National Park, Saltos del Mocon� (Mocon� Falls), R�o Pilcomayo National Park, El Palmar National Park, Esteros del Iber� (Iber� Swamps) or the Chaco plains.

Apotheosis of Nature, where the Jesuit ruins, declared World Heritage by the UNESCO, are a vivid testimony of the Society of Jesus’ fruitful work.


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