Various photographs that I'd like to share on the Web. Click on any thumbnail to enlarge it. Thanks to my brother, HT and his wife Mimi for the wonderful side trip to Bali.

balitrip_small.jpg balitrip2_small.jpg balitrip3_small.jpg balitrip4_small.jpg
balitrip5_small.jpg balitrip6_small.jpg balitrip7_small.jpg balitripbaligardenhotel_small.jpg
balitrip8_small.jpg balitrip9_small.jpg balitrip10_small.jpg balitrip11_small.jpg
balitrip12_small.jpg balitrip13_small.jpg balitrip14_small.jpg balitrip15_small.jpg
balitrip16_small.jpg balitrip17_small.jpg balitrip18_small.jpg balitrip19_small.jpg
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