Various photographs that I'd like to share on the Web. Thank to Terry and her posse at the church. It was great to be part of the procession.

tucson_small.jpg tucson2_small.jpg tucson3_small.jpg tucson4_small.jpg
tucson5_small.jpg tucson6_small.jpg tucson7_small.jpg tucson8_small.jpg
tucson9_small.jpg tucson10_small.jpg tucson11_small.jpg tucsonsunday_small.jpg
tucsonsunday2_small.jpg tucsonsunday3_small.jpg tucsonsunday4_small.jpg tucsonsunday5_small.jpg
tucsonsunday6_small.jpg tucsonsunday7_small.jpg tucsonsunday8_small.jpg tucsonsunday9_small.jpg
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