Stayed at Ankara, capital of Turkey (6/2 - 6/7)

Wednesday (6/2) About 4 PM, after the goodbye and tea at Dr. Karamustafa office, we set out to Ankara in 2 cars (Hanka and Salehatin our guides and drivers). Hanka stopped at the gas station for LPG for his car.

Highway E-90 from Aksaray to Ankara - a 4 or 5 hours drive. A large salt lake, Tuzgolu, is on the left-hand side of the highway.

The 2 car convey for a break on the shoulder of the highway. Rob rode with Hakan. Kiki and I with Salehatin.

Arrived in Ankara and met by Kadir and Murat. We had dinner at Hacidumano gullean Kebob restaurent. Checked into guest house around 10:30PM. Thursday 6/3 we were in a to meet with the Rector of Ankara University by taking the subway and walked. Earlier after breakfast, we said goodbye to Hakan and Salehatin. They would drive back to Cankiri. It drizzled for 2 hours this morning. This photo showed the high-rise housing.

Outside the Rector building and before meeting with Rector, Dr Aras: Kiki, Rob, Murat, Kadir and Dr Balci.

After meeting we visited IT suport and education centers. Returned to Rector building and lunched with Rector and surprising SUNY representatives. We returned to guest house. This photo is a distance view from my room 52 aboout 6 floors up. The others were on the 5th floor (#42, #43 and #44).

Same view, but down looking at the Ankara University campus. The guest housing has no Internet access. There are more Internet Cafes nearby. Fees are 1M and higher per hour.

Kadir took us by subway (Ankaway green line) to the business (Kizilay) district for sight seeing. Traffic was heavy.

Same heavy traffic in Kizilay. We ate Dondna sandwich at Hosta Piknik - a very popula place and Tony's favorite whenever he is in town.

Friday 6/4, more meetings: vet medicine, agriculture, forestery. Lunched with agriculture faculty. Then, meeting with College of engineering where this photo was taken. We had just walked the whole main campus to reach this location. There are 6 Ankara campuses scattered throughout the city! Agriculture department actually gave us 2 bottles of wine.

View of my room - #52. Lack of toilet paper is an issue throught out Turkey! For dinner, we ate at Hosta Piknik again. That night, Kair and I went to pick up Tony at airport around midnight. He flew in from a project in Sophia, Bulgaria.

Our guest house building at Cebeci campus. It is actually a woman dorm with reserved floors and rooms for guests.

Saturday 6/5, With Tony as our guide, we went to Kizilay and ate at his favorite Hosta Piknik for lunch. On the returning to the campus, we met the Iskendarun group (Bob, Kim and Sherry) around 3:30pm. We all gathered to go to Ataturk Mausoleum. A quick stop at an ATM machine on campus for Kim and Sherry!

It was a long, long walk towards the Mausoleum.

The Ataturk Mausoleum - large and impressive on the hill over-looking the city.

More walking.

We took a break in the canteen: Sherry, Tony, Bob, Kiki and Kim.

After the regular tourists were gone, the Mausoleum Commander of the Turkish army invited us into his office, had tea, and gave signed declarations given to each of us to honor our visit to the Mausoleum.

Certificate of appreciation from Ataturk Mausoleum.

We had a special guided tour of the ground - a view of the city.

Masoleum ground.

More view of the expansive walk way where we walked out.

Sunday 6/6 (DDay!)We visited Anadolia Medeniyetleu Museum (admission fee) which housed the history of Turkey from 2000 BC thru the Roman period.

There are many urns in this museum. It is an outstnading museum and had won award from EU.

Then, we visited the castle and old Ankara. This photo shows the old castle walls. People do live in the castle and a number of restaurents.

We walked around the older part of Ankara or old town and I saw this Agora sign.

We had lunch at an interesting restaurent.

Walked through an alley full of little shops.

Back to the castle, where we bought nuts and Sherry bought some genuine Turkish shaffron.

Then, we went to one of the largest mosque in Ankara with a large shopping center underneath the mosque.

For dinner, we went back to the castle and ate at Zenger Paso Konegi restaurent. The dinner bill was 260M. Tony and Kim donned the native pasha/harem costumes.

I had my photo taken with student assistant working at the guest house. She spoke English and her name is Suheda.

Monday 6/7 and in the morning, we met with the US Embassy education specialists about modifying a grant application and other grants.

Embassy is located in a quiet neighbor. I thought that it would in a fortress!

We had lunch at the Ankara University faulty outdoor dinner area.

At 3pm, an university minibus took us to the outskirt of Ankara and to the Turkey Higher Education Council building. The group photo showed all os us with Kadir and Dr Balci. We met with Dr. Barbaros. He was supportive of what we were trying to do with the 1+1 program.

After the meeting, we had a goodbye branch hosted by Dr Balci at the faculty outdoor lunch room. We were all given gifts from him. We thanked him for his kindness and generosities and had made our stay in Turkey such a memorable experience.

Tueday 6/8 an Ankara University van took the group, except me to Ankara airport for a flight to Istanbul at 8am. My flight to Ismir was at 5pm. So remained behind, went to Internet Cafe and had lunch. I took taxi to Havas airport bus deport and from there to Ankara airport which does have a good departure lounge. Kadir also left for Cankiri in his car. He had been an excellent companion for all of us during our stay in Turkey. We'll miss him!

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