Start of trip from JFK to Istanbul to Ankara and stayed at Cankiri (5/21 - )

Friday 5/21/04 - On the way to JFK in a raining day! It poured at Stanton, DE around 11am.

Tony drove the college van with Rob, Bob, Kim, Sherry and I to JFK airport. Could not believe that the guys had more and luggage than the gals! Another myth is destroyed.

Sherry and Rob waiting for someone to clear security.

The Cankiri group hublot replica uk of Kiki from Northampton College (PA), Rob and I (from Delaware Tech). The Iskenderun group consisted of Sherry from Howard College (MD), Kim and Bob (from Delaware Tech).

The Airbus A340-256 to take us to Istanbul from JFK (about 1 hour late!).

Istanbul (Ataturk) Airport room. The Cankiri group (Rob and Kiki) waited for flight to Ankara in Istanbul. The Iskenderun group had already left to Adana airport to be picked up by Iskenderun people. Exchange rate was $1 to 1.48M Turkish lira.

Kadir (English lecturer (hoja) and International Relation unit) from Cankiri college picked us up at Ankara (2 hours late) and drove us to Cankiri from Ankara airport. A second car had our luggage. We (Kiki, second car driver, Kadir, and Rob) stopped at a road side cafe

named Bogazici. It sells fresh & roasted lamb, etc. The cafe owner built the place from the money saved after working in Germany for 20 years.

Window view from my hotel room (301) (Bob 201 & Kiki 101!) - a mosque. The calls for prayer came thru loud and clear at least 5 times a day!

Otel Sim Prestige located downtown would be our week stay in Cankiri. Free Turkish breakfast consisted of hard boiled egg, slices of cucumber and bologna, tomatoe wedges, green and black olives, 2 different cheese slices, bread, and tea.

View of Otel Sim Prestige lobby from upper floor. There is Internet connection. However, there are a number of Internet Cafes with ADSL connections nearby. The college has ADSL Internet connections in offices and labs. Speed is adquate.

Sunday 5/23. We were invited to a picnic. Students stood in front of the main college sign getting ready for picnic, a 2-hour bus ride.

Group picture before boarding buses and cars for a college sponsored picnic near Ilgaz: Hassan, Kadir, Riza, Orhan, ?, Murat and ?.

On the way to picnic, Rob, Kiki, I and Kadir (our guide and driver) stopped at small Ilgaz cave dwellings. Soil is mainly chalk (Tufa).

View of caves and entrances.

Kadir's car which would be carying us throughout the week.

At the picnic, Rob and Kiki played with a little boy.

View of large picnic area. Orhan (Electonic instructor and was in DE in Feb) and his family.

Ankara Univeristy Cankiri bus. There were about 3 buses used for this picnic.

Kadir's drama student group prepared to cook spicy lamb burgers.

Photo given to me by Sophia (left) and her friend Causu.

Folk dancing group gathered to do their traditional Anatolia dances. Orhan showed Rob the finer points of the dance.

Anyone could participated in the dance - Kiki joined in.

Monday (5/24). Back to campus and visited the student year-end projects in an auditorium.

In his office, Kadir worked on emails. Earlier, he did a PowerPoint presentation of Cankiri College for us.

Leaving Blok A, for a tour of Cankiri: Orhan, Rob, Kadir, Kiki and Selahatin.

View of campus from the oldest mosgue.

The mosque built around 1100AD during the time of silk road to China.

Another view near the mosque: Salehatin, Rob, Kiki, Kadir and Orhan.

At a different mountain top or castle hill overlooking the city of Cankiri.

In the eveing, student performed folk dancing in the college gymnasium. Public was invited. We were introduced to the crowd by Dr Balci (Principal).

Fatima, Kadir and Kiki at the VIP seats.

Anatolia folk dancing.

Audience could participate in the traditional dance. Kiki loved it. After the show, Dr Balci hosted a dinner at Asamali Konak restaurent after 10:30pm!

Tuesday (5/25) In the morning, Kadir did a second PowerPoint presentation on Turkish education system. That evening, a Cankiri cook out contest in the gymnasium. Murat (head of technical program and was in Feb and stayed with ROB) introduced us to the crowd!

Many types and kinds of cooking from the Cankiri people. My favorite was lamb and rice. There were many different types of sweets.

Kadir and Kiki with a judge. We were honored to be on the floor and sampled the food!

Turkish local and national newspaper and TV interviewed us. At the end of judging, the crowd mobbed the tables decked with all the food and cleaned the table!

Hassan (Vice Principal and was in DE in Feb) hosted the dinner at Serkat restaurent near our hotel: Hassan, Riza, Hakan, Rob, Kiki, Dr. Balci and Kadir.

Photo given by Riza (Vice Principal). Hassan hosted the dinner at Serkat restaurent downtown Cankiri.

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