More on Cankiri ( - 5/27)

Wednesday (5/26). Tours of schools started. First one is the high school where Cankiri gets her students. Met the principal and his staff.

Lunch at the high school cupula - very fancy and replica watches uk food with the school staff.

Saying good bye to the principal and staff after a tour of the facilities.

Second visit was to a general studies high school - Lisensi Anadolu.

Salehatin, ?, Kiki with the poet who gave her a copy his poetry book (in Turkish).

Interacted with students learning English.

Salehatin and Rob were having fun.

Third school visit. Too late to arrive at a primary school. Many of the Cankiri staff have kids in this school.

Fourth school visit - an apprentice (mainly for adults). They prepared a cookout for us.

Too many cooks!

Cook lifted a sealed tin container which contained a spiced chicken. The container cooking tenderized the chicken.

Umph.............. Kiki liked it.

Ataturk (founder of modern Turkey) pictures and statues are everywhere in Turkey.

Stopped by Hakan's house. His shy daughter asked her mom why we all spoke strange!

I accidently dropped a hot glass of tea (cay) on my feet. Kiki was more conerned about the carpet and I had to soak my feet in a bucket of water to cool them down - it turned out that I was not burned. Customary, shoes are removed when entering someone's house or mosque.

Back to Otel Prestige to find a pigeon siting on the window ledge.

Thursday (5/27). Cankiri (Rob, Kiki and I) group did presentation in the engineering auditorium. Students and staff were invited. Rob used PowerPoint presentation to present Delaware Tech and Northampton College.

I followed with an online course CIS125-Window Based Operating Systems that was lived. Stafff and students were present. There was a Q&A from the audience.

After presentation, we ate lunch at the faculty dinning room: Hassan, Salehatin and Kiki.

Lunch - Murat, Riza and Rob.

A wider angle to include Hakan.

After lunch, Kiki did her Interational Relation presentation and Dr Balci was in the audience. The Q&A from students were numerous and some intense questions on US polices and Iraq. Kiki handled them well!

After Kiki's presentation, we visited our respective departments and met with our counterparts. Then, off to visit old Cankiri and an old house, Yaran where Rob participated in a traditional Turkish game on the carpet floor.

This showed the extensive carpet and built in seatings for village elders and visitors.

That Thursday night, we were split to different families for dinner: Rob with Murt, Kiki with Hassan, and I with Orhan joined by Oktay and Salehatin. Mrs Orhan prepared a feast. Oktay introduced me to Raki drinking!

The marvelous food prepared by Orhan's wife.

Oktay, Mrs and Mr. Orhan. She is also a chemistry teacher in Lisensi Anadolu school that we visited earlier in the week.

Before leaving Cankiri, I went back to photograph Cankiri City Hall. We met the Mayor on Wednesday (5/26) morning and were given a few gifts from the people of Cankiri!

Interesting shop on the way to see the governor office. Many stores do have English words, such as Market is Market and most computer terms are in English.

Met the Governor Wednesday morning (5/26) at his Governor's office. He had assigned a couple of security people to trail us while we were in Cankiri - only for important people!

Friday (5/28), we were packed and took a side trip to see the private primary school where a number of Cankiri staff children attend - OgSun or Murat's son class.

Causa's class.

Fatima's class.

Back to the campus. Kiki, Murat and Rob were delivering flowers to somebodies!

A quick trip to Cansas, a nearby large manufacturer of arms (artilary, and anti-aircraft guns and missiles just outside Cankiri.

Cansus Plant.

Back to the college faculty dinner room for a goodbye or farewell session.

Everyone was dressed up!.

Dr/ Balci presented certificate and gift to each one of us (myself, Kiki and Rob).

Rob getting his.

Group photo from Cankiri.

On the way out of town, more shopping for copper crafts this time: Kiki and Rob.

Copper smith at work.

On the way to Ilgaz. Stopped for gas at Shell. They washed car with a large pressure hose!

My certificate of completion!

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