Stayed at Nevsehir and visited Cappadocia (5/31 - 6/1)

Monday or Memorial day (5/31). This is a travel day from Ilgaz to Nevsehir (New City) - a 4 hours drive. We stopped at a truck (bus or car) stop along the highway for a break.

At Avanos (outside of the city of Nevsehir), we replica watches sale into Otel Altinyazi, a 4 star hotel (room 212). This was the view on the lobby from 2nd floor. That night, we had a wonderful filet-migon dinner at the hotel hosted by Dr. Karamustafa, principal of Erciyes University College of Tourism. I had to cut dinner short around 10pm and went to bed. Our room had a fruit basket and a small bootle of red wine - a very nice gesture. This was the night the Hakan and I came up with the chicken/egg job after Dr. Karamustafa about eco-tourism.

Tuesday (6/1) we visited Dr. Karamustafa's college, a 10 minutes drive from the hotel. The countryside was completely from from where we came from - drier, more-dessert-like with chalk-like soil (Tufa) and outcrops. The college had 3 large replica watches sale and 2 under-constructions. He is very energetic person and has a very young staff.

We met in the auditorium where Dr Karamustafa did a PowerPoint presentation of the college. This was followed by Rob's presentation. Then, Dr. Karamustafa finished up with photos of student arts and crafts. The exhibit was held over for our visit. Then, we went to a computer lab with projection system so I could do my online course presenation. In this photo, Dr. Karamustafa led our group through the actual exhibit. We were given several gifts - 1 plate for Dr George at Delaware Tech and 1 for Dr. King in Northampton.

For lunch, we were taken to a fancy Han ODASI restaurent in Nevsehir - one of the best lunch that we ate.

Lunch group: Ricky (our Cappadocia guide), Kiki, Rob, Dr. Karamustafa, and Salehatin.

Cappadocia (Land of beautiful horses) is a region in this part of Turkey near Avanos. This afternoon we visited Bashabaya, a small area with cave dwellings.

Kiki rode on a camel. There are many tourist vendors at the entrance to the park.

The awesome pinnacle structure of chalk (Tufa) curved by through the ages.

We visited St. Simon church carved into the soft rock. He was a hermit.

Next, we visited the Open Air Museum at Goreme (admissioon fee). This whole area was covered with numerous cave structures and at least 7 cave churches or chapels (St. Basil, Apple, St. Barbara, St. Onuphron, Karanlik, St. Catherine, and Sandles).

Early monks and Christen supporters lived in this area (1100-1200AD).

View from a higher ground at the car park.

Some of the paintings (fresco) are still intact. More cave dwellings.

Panoramic view of the Cappadocia area.

Panoramic view of the Cappadocia area - awesome!

View of the Nevsehir Castle that we will visit tomorrow.

Next stop (after 5pm) was Turasan winery. We were able to sample white and red wine. The white wine uses local grapes. Wines are exported to Asia, not US.

View in my hotel room at Otel Altinyazi. Dinner at the hotel was roast beef and mashed potato! The gang got to play Turkish OK game after dinner while I went to bed to write my journal.

Next day, we met with our guide Ricky and went to Underground City or Kaymaki (admission fee). We were able to visit only 4 floors. It is really a city curved into soft rocks. There were hundreds of rooms. It was used to shelter inhabitants in times of danger above ground.

Inevitable tourist vendors near underground city.

Next, we visited the Castle, the highest point in Nevsehir.

Climbing the castle - lots and lots of climbing in Turkey!

Salehatin on top and he could not stop filming everything and everyone. Like to have him sent a copy of his tape!

The group got to the top where the Turkish flag flew.

What goes up must comes down.

We finally visited the town of Avanos. Statue in the town center showed potters and weavers at work.

The center of Avanos.

We had pizza for lunch at the famous Tafana rstaurent.

After lunch, we visited a famous pottery place - Chez Galip.

In his store, there was the Guinness world record of human hair collection. This is our last stop for this part of the trip. Tomorrow, we travelled to Ankara, the capital city of Turkey.

Outside of his store. It has been an unforgetable experience in Cappadocia and I understnad how the College of Tourism is located here!

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