Stayed at Ilgaz and visited Kastamonu (5/28 - 5/30)

In the Ilgaz government compound about 7,600 feet high, there are 4 ski lodges, including a large compound for Turkish military.

View of tall pines moutains.

The ski lodge that we stayed is named ORSEM Resort. My room is 313 (Rob 311 and Kiki 309). Murat and Rob relaxing.

Kiki, Murat's wife and Murat.

Murat's two young sons: firendly OgSun and Ismail is the younger one and likes his photo taken!

View of surrounding area in Ilgaz.

One the 3 resorts or ski lodges. Turkish word for snowboard is snowboard!

Next morning (Saturday 5/29), wwe hiked to the ski lift ahead of us.

I was on the ski trail.

Salehatin was well prepared for the climate with winter gear. He loved the smell of pine forest.

The group wandered off into the meadow.

The Cankiri group: Myself from Terry campus, Kiki from Nothampton CC (PA) and Rob from Owens campus.

Snowball fight between Hakan and Salehatin. It was hard to believe that there was still snow here!

More walking: Hakan, Rob, OgSun, Salehatin and Kiki.

Returning to the lodge - we were joined by Riza and his family who had just came from Cankiri college.

Sophia, OgSun and Fatima playing badgamon. Sophia and Fatima are daughters of Riza.

The front entrance of our lodge, ORSEM resort, which was run and maintained by Ankara University and frequently used by the staff during the winter ski season.

More badgamon game: Rob is lossing to Salehatin. Turkish OK game was popular.

Group photo at the lodge.

Salehatin at a nearby private mountain resort. The stature is a Turkish heroine in the war of independence.

Our last dinner at the lodge.

After dinner, there was a disco at the lodge. Guests were dancing to traditional Turkish songs.

My room in the lodge. It was clean and very nice and comfortable.

Sunday 5/30 we took a side trip to Kastamonu. The castle of Kastamonu appeared in the distance. I bought a copy of a painting of the castle in the market.

The houses in Kastamonu had unique appearance, similar to those found in the Swiss Alps.

Group photo of our Turkish hosts from Cankiri travelling with us and their wonderful kids.

View at the observation deck over-looking Kastamonu. The castle is in the distance. It seems that every town in Turkey has a castle!

Large statues at Kasttamonu town center.

We had a lunch at one of oldest structure in Turkey and ate unusual Turkish pizza (pide).

Our purpose in Kastamonu was to visit this Ankara Unversity Kastamonu College of Arts and Technology - located on top of a hill and very beatiful indeed.

Escorted by Dr Hasbi, we toured the campus. Then, we all sat down for evening cookout listening to the principal talking! After dinner, we all (4 cars) drove back to the road junction of Ilgaz and Cankiri where goodbyes were said to the Murat's and Riza's families. We will miss them all! We returned to the lodge for the last night.

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