The 27th Annual National Computer Educator Institute, University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, OK from July 30 through August 11, 2000

Volley ball strategy? 8/2 South won again!
Coach Dave aka Director of NCEI and Coach Bruce aka Java Pro.
My reading closet! Saturday trip to OKC Zoo, sponsored by
Course Technology 8/5.
Line to the dolphin pen. "Sea World" at the OKC Zoo.
Picnic at the lake side pavillon. Stan is a good
OmiComplex, which we did not visit, next to the
OKC Zoo.
Stopped by the OKC Memorial reflecting pool and nearby, the glass-bronze 169 empty chairs!
A samll part of the original Memorial wall. Our comfortable and fancy Red Carpet bus.
Our McGraggle(?) living room for the duration. Picnic given by UCO after the trip to the OKC Zoo
and Memorial. Tom is always hungry!
Jackie & her gang in the background.
Picnic at the patio and under the roof with a live band, Santa Fe and nice
dance music.
Friendly discussions everywhere including Jackie
("real" NCEI director) and here's
what the picnic area looks like.
Back to LAN class with instructor, Scott. Wednesday 8/9 and the inevitable class Volley
ball again.
The winner is ??? Thursday 8/10, project presentation and Lynn
(Western NC University) went first. Group
members: Margaret (Lawson State CC) and
Al (Oklahoma City CC)
Keith (Lake City CC) was next. Group members:
Dennis and Jerry (Ozarks TCC)
My group and fearless leader, Tom (Marshall
University). Group members: Stan (Appalachian
State University and myself.
Lisa (San Joaquin Delta College) from Califoria.
Group members: Margaret (Lower Columbia
College) and Stephen (Minot State University)
Jim (Clarion University) from PA. Group members:
Stephen (Verizon Pacifica), Chu (Fayetteville State
University),and Van (Big Bend CC)
BackRow (most experienced!) group led by LAN
guru Ed (University of Houston). Group Members:
Bill (Palm Beach CC) and Tom (Oakton CC)
I'm lost in the middle!!
Traditional Thursday Prom night (8/10)at Friends,
aka Buster II.
The wall flowers!
NCEI took over the dance floor and do the line dance.
The happy gang from Course Technology!! Thanks
for supporting the Institute.
Next day, 8/11 Graduation day, vans were
preloaded in front of our dorm for quick departures
to the airports and
we (at least, some of us) ate our last and same
Hello and good-bye to Kathy.
Our last LAN class met to wrap up and
wrote evaluations.
Thom from Course Technology spoke at
VBA class presentation to instructor, Michael and ASP class to instructor, Kathleen.
Here's our Smiley

Come again Next Year!!
Graduating class. The other class photos were
not taken. I had rushed out to catch the van to
the airport!
Speaking for the attendees, thanks to all of
you at UCO (including Nita and Martin) and
Course Technology for making this annual
event possible.

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