NCEI in OK 7/29/01 thru 8/10/01

Ramada Hotel was home for 12 days. University of Central Oklahoma's Central cafeteria.

Course Technolgy friendly representatives. Got to meet my rep Debbie!

Noon time announcement in the cafteria. Saturday trip to Scottish Rite Temple, Guthrie, old capital of OK

It took 3 vans to haul us. It was a hot day in the amazing temple (not air-con)! Saturday Picnic.

Another view of picnic - Marzie kept getting in the lens. We had a live band - Sante Fe - playing the oldies.

Katie's Web Dev (ASP.NET) class photo. Lab time: Wilson (our mascot volleyball from Katie , Bill, and Jeanette

Evening visit to the Oklahoma Memorial. Time at 9:01

Part of the CHain link fence. Weeping Jesus.

Empty chairs were lit. Another Lab day: Larry (Canada), Bill (Texas) and Van (Washington)

The ASP.NET class led by Katie (we won't mention the score). Lou was holding up the net.

The 3-way tie celebration - only at NCEI. Final project presentation by SaveWilson.COM (Tommy,Alan,John,Jeanette,& Matt)

My group, Blue Crabs, in honor of Maryland (Charlie,Barbara,Rita,Bill,& Larry) Survivor Group (Larry,Mel,Jim & Anita

CastAway alias Blue Coconuts (Bitsy,May,Pam,Carl & Cliff) Team Wilson: Barbara,CHuck,Virgil,Lynn & Nassr

Thursday nite at hotel lounge - a traditional Prom night with King Ben and Queen Marzie Dave's famous HD clock drawing - I had to win yet!

A lot of happy time - find the Course people. New Queen Katie - congratulation :)

I needed a photo of Stan (one with glasses) for old time sake! New King Keith danced the nite away.

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