NCEI 7/27/03 - 8/8/03

My Class (Adv VB.NET Photo Intro VB.NET class photo

Oracle 9.1 Class photo Web Design class photo

My buddies from TCC: Debbie & Carolyn

Director Noel with David

My Row mates for 2 weeks: Sandra and David Anita, our instructor and author of our VB Book
Anita helped with a problem: webservice database update (I don't believe it worked! Nita, our constant companion from NCEI
Saturday Trip to Guthrie, OK for relaxing in a local bar. Relaxing..
Then followed with some antics with Debbie buzzed the moose. Next, it was Carolyn's turn.
and Terry with a drink for the moose! Gregg's birthday gift.
Zuzuana, quuen pretender at graduation prom on 8/7 at Ramada Inn. Debbie took this photo of me.
Check-in in OKC. Airport is under construction. Waiting for our flights in AA lounge in OKC airport.

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