New Year in New Mexico - 12/27/01 - 1/3/02.

(Many thanks to Bill, Cyndi, & Marcia for making the trip a memorable one. Thanks also to Jess for the steak dinner at Paul's and Juli for the surprise tamale-stuffed turkey!)
ABQ Bill's house: Bill sorted the pieces and Ryne was the builder. Done - Ryne and completed battle ship.
Trip to Capitan - rest stop north of Socorro with my rented car. Arrived at Marcia's house in Capitan, NM before snow.
Bill took a nap with a bottle of champagne in the snow filled bucket. Statues in the backyard.
Champagne bottle frozen to the packed snow for New Year's Eve. Trip to Spencer Theatre in Ruidoso.
Christmas tree made with red tubes in the theatre. Trip to frozen Bonita lake.
Group photo on New Year day and after a breakfast champagne: Cyndi, Ryne, Bill & Marcia. with me in the photo!
Hostess Marcia and I: handmade Christmas tree ornaments! Ryne, Bill & Cindy.
Snow started New Year eve and continue thru New Year: Backyard scene House with snow covered.
Beautiful fireplace and home. Back to ABQ (1/2/02)to get together with friends at the Quarters: Phil, Dorothy, Laura, Seth & Melissa.
Last night in ABQ and dinner: Jess's arm, Cyndi, Bill & Melissa

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