Hong Kong, China 1/2/03 - 1/5/03

A brand new Hong Kong airport Met with Dr. Johnson and her family at YMCA - Mike & Stephanie

Dinner at Peking Garden Restaurent The Peking Duck!

The Johnsons. Satisfied customers!

The spaghetti or noodle juggler. Mike and Steve at the Irish Pub doing the Irish bombs!
Famous Star Ferry. My Imperial hotel - not a good choice
Last day in HongKong for George, Steve, Mike and Stephanie.
Trip to China proper - ShenZhen The tour group included a couple of Aussies (Leanne & Brett)and Philippine couple with an excellent lunch
We were in a large shopping center in ShenZhen. Back to HongKong and the New World Centre
and teddy bear center. Saw a lot of palm trees in HongKong!
HongKong airport with many double decker buses. Cathay Pacific's Boeing 747-400. I was seated (86C) on the top deck all the way to LAX!!
Famous LAX landmark. Back to Dover, DE Monday (1/6) and "oh No - more snow" from Sunday.

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