Christmas in Indiana - 12/22/01 - 12/27/01.

(Many thanks to Ed, Agie, Missy, Rob & Sharon for making the trip a memorable one!)
Missy's & Robb's Apartment in Chicago. China town, Chicago for Dim Sum and Malaysian cooking!
Preparing for trip to Indiana: Missy and her new car. Steam boat dinner at Ed's house: Missy, Rob & Andy.
Host Ed and hostess Agie. A wonderful meal & time for all. Sharon's house and Christmas tree and lighted moose!
Around the kitchen: Mark, Stephanie, Steve, Rob & Sharon. and Missy, Rob & Sharon.
Missy's tremendous appetizer. 11 for dinner prepared by Missy with Rob as waiter!
Missy and I take a break from the food. Missy & Stephanie for old time sake. See the old time in next photo.
Missy & Stephanie in the old days (1976?).
Christmas eve at Ed's house with some snow flakes! Brady looking at the new rendition of an old photo.
Mark, Andy and Dave. Avida, Sharon & Andy: Thanks for the outstanding Christmas meal prepared by Sharon.
2nd Christmas dinner at Ed's house: a fabulous meal! Ed and Agie after dinner.
and I. Back to Chicago - Missy & Rob with Sear's tower in the background: It's now the tallest!

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