Arrival in Borneo - Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia - 12/26/00 - 1/2/01.

View from Mega hotel 1st Dim Sum brunch!

Diner over coconut drink and crabs with Andy, Fong, and Hin Seng Mom and Agie at Hin Seng's house

More visit to restaurent local fruits: ramutan and durian

Chinese temple near fish market Nora and Andy

Prop plane to Mulu National Park - Andy & Ed Welcome sign to Royal Mulu resort

The gang on this Mulu trip Cottages on elavated gang way

more view of Mulu cottages Boat trip up river to visit caves

Wind cave walk way - fearless leader, Andy Clear water cave pinic area

Vostok airline piloted by Russian crew took us back to Miri Mom, Ed and Andy

View from my room in Holiday Inn Another view - sea and swimming pool

Getting for New Year Eve bash - Gary, Ed and I Our better halves!

Our host/hostess (Gary/LeAnne) at table 7 New Year Eve party

Happy New Year!! (ballons did not fall properly) Danced the night away

Family portrait and then on the way to Kuching

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