Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia (12/27 - 12/30/02)

Along the way, Dubai (UAE) is a stop over. and Singapore airport with excellent transit facilities.

View of Miri from my room in Dynastic hotel. Dynasty hotel.
A private English school, Curtin University near Kula Baram. Native craft store in Miri.
Souviner shopping with my niece, Siao Yen. Dinner with my youngest brother (thanks for coming) and sister (thanks for the dinner).
Mom and elder brother (thanks for the dinner). Another view of the dinner, showing Teresa and Nora.
MITS, one of the many private tuition English schools. Siao Yen in her office as assistant principal
Saying good-bye to my youngest sister, Wan, in a low-cost airline, AirAsia, - never seems to be on time!

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