Got in OKC an hour late from Cincinnati, Ohio and picked up by Larry from UCO. It was so Very HOT afternnon that I wanted to reboard the plane to fly back east! We all wound up at West hall to check in.

Thanks for everyone involved with NCEI and the staff at University of Central OK, Dr. David Noel and especially Jackie Durant!
Wed 8/5 volley ball - North vs South. The North gathered together and won 1st time in 5 years!.

On the side line, others watched near the disoriented lemonade stand. Sat 8/8 we went to Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Lee from Iowa and Don from NY in the van with me. Lunch at Brick Town microbrewery in Oklahoma City.

Late afternoon picnic at a public park. Another view of picnic, Don and Ronda.

Famous caterer - Bad Brad with their famous BBQ brisket. Sandy in foreground Another table and group - Mary with the cowboy hat.

Ronda and I to say good-bye. 2nd week, back to the grind - Interactive Web Database class with Tom in the foreground

Commute between Central cafeteria and West hall Obligatory class photo on Wed

Another volley ball for class supremacy Randy encouraged his troop - the networkers!

The eventual champion - VB + VJ Web database class tried hard.

Back to class again, our leader Jerry from Kentucky checking why Trigger was behaving strangely. Stan from NC is in the back row. Another view of the web class with Ben (fan to disperse the heat!)

Doug, a teammate, deep in thought on the 5th degree of normalization! Thursday, last lunch gathering and instruction on prom night.

Prom night at Buster (Jim's Club in reality. No photo was allowed inside, according to Bruce M and Steve Mitchell). So here is the outside view of the Prom! Thanks to the staff at UCO and editors from McGraw Hill publishers to make the 25th anniversary such a wonderful experience at NCEI.
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